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Front page main photo I was struck by his brilliance

My father, Marsh Douthat, was an extraordinary man. He was courageous and dignified throughout his life and not even the terrible disease ALS could change that.

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Sue Earl Pic She was always smiling

Sue and I were married for quite a long time - just over 40 years. We had the best marriage & friendship that any couple could ever imagine. We met on a blind date in January, 1963.

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Steve Sall Pic he loved people, nature & life...

We met on a Sierra Club hike in the Columbia Gorge in May, 1984. He was cute and funny, and he loved hiking. He would have hiked every day if he could have.

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Steve Sall Pic Dad was a big-hearted man...

My father, Frank Daugherty, died when I was 18. He was a gregarious and truly big-hearted man. He always looked for the positive in people and events.

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Michael Pic She was always smiling

Eighteen months from that night in the roller rink, Mom and Dad were married. For the next 50 years they never left each other’s sides.

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Critton Pic Jeanne was a beautiful lady

In addition to being a great wife, she was a great mother to our children. We played lots of games, danced, vacationed in the summer, and just had a great family life.

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He never stopped believing...

That dreams don't die. Friends and family continued to fill his life with laughter and encouragement as he had filled theirs.

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That helped her while she lived with ALS. This allowed me to be a daughter & for us to have fun & enjoy our time together.

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Was one of the most joyous people I have ever known. She had a beautiful smile, a wonderfully positive attitude, and a fantastically infectious laugh.

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Cadonau Pic Randy was so many things...

He was charming, brilliant, and caring. His sharp wit was as sure to make you laugh, as his kind heart would make you feel loved.

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Butcher Pic Mom always saw the good...

The only road that she knew in life was the High Road. Over the years Mom's wisdom was incredibly evident. She was wise beyond her years.

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Edwards Pic My promise is fueled by a new quest...

That the fight against ALS will continue on every front. My promise is fueled by a new quest - to raise $100,000!

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Betzelberger Pic Randy was so many things...

But nothing compared to the love that he had for each of us. He was always there, whether it be a basketball game, a gymnastics event or a cheerleading performance.

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Beck Pic

No matter what obstacle was placed in front of him. Despite it all, he could always give that big smile of his that could light up a room.

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Cadonau Pic Randy was so many things...

We honor Norma Jean (Ray) Fruchey not because she had ALS, but because she was so much more to us. To learn more about our beloved Norma...

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Haley Pic Haley Stevens...

A brave and beautiful sister, daughter, and friend, courageously fought her battle with ALS with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.

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Hopkins Pic We did, we loved, we laughed...

With a renewed sense of purpose. The months and days we had together from the date of his diagnosis was a real gift, a true blessing.

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Randy was so many things...

That is how all of our family has continued to, and always will, remember our dear Mother, Mother-in-Law, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother.

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Simpher Pic Dad was grateful...

For all he had in his life. He expressed his appreciation for life, love, family and friends through everyday acts of thoughtfulness and generosity.

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Beam Pic Parker isn’t about to give up...

He’s been a fighter all his life and he’s not going to sit down and wait it out now.

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Frankel Pic

We were married for 60 years, and my love and respect is forever. Mom was a devoted mother to our children and grandchildren.

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Cross Pic Dad was the best...

No matter what hurdle was put in front of him, he was courageous and maintained his sense of humor throughout his life and not even ALS could change that.

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Conn Pic

Compassionate care was a cornerstone of his life as a physician.

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by advocating, educating and do my part to someday make ALS a disease of the past. Currently there is hope.

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Cadonau Pic

He always wanted to share what he knew with his family, friends and community, striving for the very best for those around him.

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Toni Toler simply kept working the problem. This Fund will allow her to continue this fight.

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Marie felt enormous pride in her children and grandchildren. Caring for people she loved was at her core.

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