The Charlie Betzelberger ALS Promise Fund

The best husband and father a family could ask for!

Life isn’t always fair. Charlie was diagnosed in 1977 and died in 1980 at the young age of 48. We lost him to this hideous disease far too soon. But…ALS brought us all closer and helped us realize and appreciate the important things in life. Those things are faith, love, family and friends. He was an example and model of each.

Going to church on Sunday morning was what our family did. There was no sleeping in because of being up or out late the night before. Little did any of us know the impact and importance of this ritual. Faith is what got us through. God carried each of us and held us as we dealt with losing such an important part of our life.

Charlie loved many things, but nothing compared to the love that he had for each of us. He was always there for us, whether it be a basketball game, a gymnastics event or a cheerleading performance; we could always count on him being there. Even more importantly, he was there as a loving husband, father and family provider. There were so many activities that he loved to do too. He loved the game of golf and he was good at it. He loved photography and made permanent the beautiful memories of places and things that we saw. There was very little that he couldn’t do. He was an avid do-it-yourselfer! He taught us the value of hard work and the desire to try new things. He loved to make us laugh and was quite the practical joker.

One of the greatest testimonies to Charlie is to talk with people that remember him to this day. They talk of his high integrity and unwavering character. He was a solid figure in the investment community highly respected for his business acumen. We should all want to be remembered this way. Sadly, only few of us are. Deep down, each of us wants to make a difference and he did! No person, family member or caregiver should have to face this disease but Charlie did it with dignity and taught us what is important in this life. He lives forever in our hearts.

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Remembering Charlie

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