A Promise to Our Dad

(In Memory of Bill Hopkins)

Our Dad, Bill Hopkins, was diagnosed with ALS on November 22, 2011. His symptoms began only a few months prior when we noticed his voice sounded slurred at the end of the day. He was tested for a multitude of diseases and conditions, from a brain tumor to stroke and everything in between.

That cold November day, two days before Thanksgiving, will be one that we will never forget. Dad went to the Lahey Clinic, to get some answers, to get some medication, to get a treatment for his condition. The doctor that gave him his diagnosis that day took away all hope, "You have ALS, there is no treatment, there is no cure, get your affairs in order."

The six months and three days we had together from the date of his diagnosis was a real gift, a true blessing. We did, we loved, we laughed, just as we had always done, but with a renewed sense of purpose.

My sister and I always had a zest for raising awareness for other causes but this would be our new mission. We asked Dad if we could put together a fundraiser in honor of him and he stated he wanted nothing for himself, he wanted to raise money for other people who didn’t have the resources and means that he had. That was the kind of man he was, simple, kind and generous.

On May 25, 2012 dad left us. He fought hard, with everything he had, but this disease is relentless and doesn’t care who is in its path.

So as a promise to our Dad, we will continue to raise money and awareness until the day a cure is found.

~Kerri and Kristen

Photos - Bill & Family
Haley Stevens

Remembering Dad


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