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What is a One Dollar Difference Fundraiser?

Simply put, it's a community/third-party event that is put on to benefit The ALS Association. Motivated to make a difference in your community? One Dollar Difference is the perfect avenue for you! Through One Dollar Difference, you can raise critical funds for The ALS Association by putting together your own custom event to help in our fight to treat and cure ALS.

What Kinds of Fundraisers Can You Host?

The possibilities are ENDLESS! If you can dream it, set up a web page and get it started! Here's your chance to build an event precisely suited to any audience you choose! Make it as large or as small as you would like; the only limit is your imagination!

Popular events include:

Ice Bucket Challenge, Community Walk, Community 5K, Team Challenge ALS Marathon runner, Bake Sale, Golf, Mini Golf, School Fundraiser, Spinning Event, Motorcycle Ride, Music Concert, Birthday Celebration, Wedding Registry, & so much more!

Why Do It?

Third Party Fundraisers offer businesses, organizations and individuals an opportunity to increase their recognition and outreach in the community. Your donation will support The ALS Association as we lead the way in research, care services, and public education, and public policy - giving help and hope to those facing ALS. In addition, your fundraiser will be featured prominently both online in our events calendar and in our newsletter! Did we mention how fun and fulfilling it is as well!?

How Can The ALS Association Help?

We want to help! The ALS Association offers varying levels of support for our partners, depending on the size of the event that you are baking up! While we can't allocate any funds to help put the event on, we are happy to give as much guidance as possible along the way!

How to Maximize Your Donation Through Matching Gifts?

Many employers have matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Ask your employer or follow the link to see if your company has a "Matching Gifts" program. Include matching gift amount and forms with your donation envelope.

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