What if your dollar... or your friend's dollar...
or your co-worker's dollar was THE DOLLAR
that put us over the top to identify the cause
and cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease?

Share with Friends

One Dollar Difference offers constituents the opportunity to create fun and creative third-party events on the behalf of The ALS Association.

No matter where someone is located or the time of year, anyone can host an event to help in our fight to cure and treat Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Through our online platform, organizers and participants can promote and fundraise for their event anywhere at anytime.

Funds collected through One Dollar Difference will be contributed directly to The ALS Association chapter of your choice.

Oso High Endurance
Oso High Endurance Sports is committed to supporting the patient services and research of The ALS Association by helping advocates organize endurance events that has raised funds over $151,000 through bike races, triathlons, and marathons since March 8, 2011.

Climb to Conquer ALS
Although ascending the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the world's highest mountains, was challenging, high school senior, Beau, knew it did not compare to the challenges of living with ALS. Through his trek, Beau raised thousands of dollars in the fight against Lou Gehrig's Disease as well as spread awareness around the world.

Sweet Hope Cookies
Through her love of baking for others, Anita created Sweet Hope Cookies in honor of her brother Randy. Anita continues his legacy of compassion, generosity and caring by raising awareness and knowledge of ALS through her delicious cookies. Sweet Hope Cookies has raised over $10,000, moving us closer to a world without ALS.

Cookout to Knock Out ALS
Personally touched by ALS and in honor of their fraternity brother, Lou Gehrig, the Kappa Delta Sorority and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity host an annual cookout on the University of North Carolina campus and have raised over $22,000 towards the fight against Lou Gehrig's Disesase.

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