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Florida Chapter

Jacksonville Walk

Team Racer Walsh

Jerry Walsh:
I have ALS (Lou Gerhig"s Disease) and have volunteered for a research study at Mayo Clinic, trying a drug never before used in humans. The study will take 3-4 months.
Hopefully some progress will be made to close in on this 'fatal / no cure' disease.

Join us on the 'Racer Walsh Team'  to raise additional funds for
continued research!

Brian Walsh:
I did the ALS ice challenge a year ago. It was fun and I thought I
was doing my part. ALS hadn't affected me in any way.
This past year, my dad, Jerry Walsh, was diagnosed with ALS.
This walk will help raise money to fund the ongoing research to find
a cure for this deadly disease.

Why We Need Your Help

Often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe. The life expectancy of an ALS patient averages 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

Every 90 minutes a person in this country is diagnosed with ALS and every 90 minutes another person will lose their battle against this disease. ALS occurs throughout the world with no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic boundaries.

This crippling disease can strike anyone. Presently there is no known cause of the disease yet it still costs loved ones an average of $200,000 a year to provide the care ALS patients need. Help make a difference and donate or join a walk today.

Team Racer Walsh - Join Team Raised
LEVEL 8 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Jerry Walsh $8,430.00
Karen Aldrich $0.00
Helping Hand Diana Allen $125.00
Helping Hand Stephanie Black $100.00
Helping Hand Dean Champeau $100.00
Cathey Doyle $0.00
Cecelia Harris $0.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Lina Ingraham (HHC) $1,145.00
Connie Jongewaard $0.00
Robin Leventhal $0.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Buzz Marcus $500.00
Helping Hand James & Janice Pearson $50.00
Helping Hand Leah and Tony Puzzo $100.00
Helping Hand Randy Raybon $100.00
Candy Richards $0.00
Dianne Rigney $0.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Marsha Rubio $650.00
Marcie Ryan $0.00
Linda Sacco $0.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Paullydog Sifton $300.00
Jacqui Suarez $0.00
Helping Hand Lynn Vitel $50.00
Helping Hand Jerry Vtxoa $50.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Brian Walsh $950.00
Sam Walsh $50.00
Dan Warner $0.00
Nancy Warner $0.00
Pat Warren $0.00
Don White $100.00
Helping Hand Lee Wiese $100.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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