2013 Dunkirk Walk

2013 Dunkirk Walk

Dunkirk Walk

Saturday, July 20th 2013

Walk Check-In: 9:00am

Walk Starts: 10:00am

Location: Point Gratiot Park

Distance: 1 Mile

*Children 10 and under are free*

Retired Dunkirk Recreation Director Bob Patterson, along with a committee of other volunteers, is organizing the walk. Patterson said he decided to get a local walk going after taking part in a walk in Buffalo last year.

"It's one of those situations where I looked around and said we can do this. If there was a year we were going to do it it was going to be this year," Patterson explained.

Patterson said he walked with a team in support of Tom Everett, a Fredonia native who moved back to the area after finishing a teaching career in Connecticut.

"I sat down with Tom and Diane (Everett) a few months ago and said I'm willing to go forward with this if you guys want to," Patterson said.

There are others in the area who are battling ALS. Retired Fredonia police officer Dave Holland is one, city resident Genevieve M. Katta, a mother of four, is another.

Holland was diagnosed after he suddenly had trouble carrying boxes of food into a Forestville food pantry he supported. The 87-year-old Katta was diagnosed after a series of medical incidents that just seemed to be part of growing older.

"Part of our discussion was how devastating this is to local families. It's usually about $40,000 to outfit a van; buy a van and get the lifts and everything in it," Patterson stated, adding making a house handicapped accessible is also part of the process. That process can drain a person's life savings and retirement money.

"Billy Mead is the other reason I'm in it because I saw the three years of the Billy Mead run when the Reeds ran it," he explained.

Patterson recounted a teacher classmate, Gloria Bielec Szwejbka, who came down with ALS and lost her ability to speak or eat.

"It's pretty wicked stuff. There is no cure, there is no comeback. There is no going into remission," he added. "They can't find the combination. ... The stories are different, every patient is different. What happens that causes them to go to the doctor can be different."

Patterson recounted a conversation he had with Tom Everett, who played with Billy Mead for the Cavemen, a '60s-era local band.

"He said what are the odds about one band, four people, two of them coming down with ALS because it's so scattered. That's almost impossible to comprehend," Patterson said. "I never really had anything to do with ALS in all my world until Billy Mead. Obviously, we grew up knowing Lou Gehrig made it famous. ... I run into it more and more now. When you bring it up, the stories start. My uncle, second cousin, brother, somebody, had it. I think maybe because it's so devastating a lot of people don't run around talking about it."

Registration begins at 9 a.m. at Point Gratiot with the walk scheduled to start at 10 a.m. The $15 walker registration may be made the day of the event. The 1-mile route begins at the old tennis courts, continues on the new bike path to Oak Street, where a right hand turn will lead into the Point and the finish.

"We're having food at 11 a.m. and then in the late afternoon we're going for a social event to Coughlans," Patterson stated. "There's a bunch of old Fredonia, Mindszenty, Dunkirk graduates coming in. It's kind of neat from our era."

Tim Hortons will provide coffee and donuts, Pizza Village is donating pizza and the Boys and Girls Club will be manning a kids' tent.

"People can bring their kids and have them entertained and leave them while they walk if they want to," Patterson added. "Kids under 10 walk for free with the adults in their lives. Face painting and games will be available.

The large shelter at the Point, along with three other tents, will be available for protection from the elements.

More information is available at web.alsa.org/DunkirkWalk or by calling Patterson at 366-8825.

2013 Dunkirk Walk Raised
Robert Patterson $7,172.00
Julia Abbey $25.00
Kimberly Abbey $25.00
Karen Adams $100.00
Bryn Arata $25.00
Patrick Bailey $50.00
Bill Bamonto $25.00
Marty Bamonto $15.00
Barbara Barnes $40.00
Marilyn Barresi $15.00
Kathy Barrett $15.00
Donna Bleck $20.00
Phyllis Bornand $15.00
Jennifer Borrello $25.00
Betty Bulick $15.00
Martha Burdick $20.00
Joe and Carol Calarco $115.00
Dominic Cherav $15.00
Roger Clark $100.00
Juliana Consoli $100.00
JoDee Cooper $15.00
David Criscione $15.00
Jo-Ann Criscione $25.00
Marj (Sis) Criscione $15.00
Michael Criscione $25.00
Phyllis Crockett $15.00
Roxanne Cross $20.00
Steven Czodli $25.00
Mary Decker $25.00
Judy DeJohn $25.00
Vince DeJohn $25.00
Larry Dejonghe $40.00
Madeline Dejonghe $15.00
Dan Dougherty $25.00
Jackie Dougherty $15.00
Marcia Drayo $50.00
Kathie Eaker $25.00
Carol Eiden $140.00
Henry Elling $25.00
Verna Elling $25.00
Terry Ellis $25.00
Sue Engberg $325.00
Anita Espersen $15.00
Ace Everett $125.00
Joelle Everett $75.00
Jonathan Everett $75.00
Gina Fedele $15.00
Joan Feeley $125.00
Marc Feeley $25.00
Mary Feniello $15.00
Ralph Feniello $15.00
Jeff Forte $25.00
Joyce Freeman $15.00
Bill Gerundo $25.00
Richard Girst $25.00
Tom Goetz $15.00
Ben Greenspon $15.00
Walter Greenspon $15.00
Edward Grozber $25.00
Susan Gugino $25.00
Ed Harvey $25.00
Ellie Harvey $25.00
Deana Hazen $15.00
Steve Hazen $15.00
Jory Higgins $25.00
David Holland $25.00
Debbie Hurley $15.00
Paul Hurley $25.00
Bruce Irish $100.00
Moch Janet $25.00
Deb Karpinske-Keyser $30.00
Genevieve Katta $30.00
Holly Katta $30.00
Raymond Katta $40.00
Tom Katta $45.00
Wendy Katta $15.00
Renita Keller $15.00
Mark Ketley $25.00
Carolyn Kintner $40.00
Chris Kintner $15.00
Morrie Kintner $15.00
Gary Klaybor $15.00
Sherry Klaybor $15.00
Orrie Kopystanski $15.00
Cindy Kozlowski $15.00
Mike Kozlowski $25.00
Michelle Kuras $25.00
Holly Kuwik $45.00
Tom Kuwik $50.00
David LaGanda $15.00
Shannon LaGanda $15.00
Rick Lamb $15.00
Sue Lamb $15.00
Rose Lancione $15.00
Bridgette Lanphere $25.00
Josephine Lantz $120.00
Joan Latimer $25.00
William Leslie $100.00
Caroline Madden $25.00
Donna Madden $25.00
Jason Madden $25.00
Lance Madden $225.00
Mike Mangano $135.00
Kate Mead $25.00
Robert Michalak $25.00
Jim Minneci $125.00
John Nalbone $25.00
Richard Nassoiy $125.00
Brent Newman $15.00
Maddie Newman $15.00
Sherrie Newman $100.00
Vivi Newman $15.00
Patrick O'Donnell $15.00
Sharon O'Donnell $15.00
Richard Orcutt $15.00
Ronald Pachol $25.00
Lisa Patterson $25.00
Patricia Patterson $25.00
Steve Pavlot $15.00
Janice Penharlow $25.00
Tiffany Penharlow $25.00
Jannis Peterson $15.00
Keith Peterson $15.00
Patty Petrella $15.00
Dave Polechetti $75.00
Greg Prechtl $30.00
Linda Prechtl $30.00
David Prince $25.00
Jim Redline $25.00
Nancy Rutski $25.00
Daniel Ryel $125.00
Paul Salisbury $25.00
Paul Schluntz $25.00
Denise Schwab $15.00
Krystel Schwab $25.00
Ronald Siracuse $25.00
Theresa Steward $25.00
William Stowell $115.00
Michael Strada $225.00
Cheryl Stroub $25.00
John Stroub $25.00
Audrey Szwejbka $15.00
Susan Teta $50.00
Mark Valentine $25.00
Maryann Valone $15.00
Ron Veklotz $25.00
Jay Warren $25.00
Judith Waterman $25.00
Joyce Wentz $15.00
Mike Williams $25.00
Sue Wilson $15.00
Alicia Wroblewski $25.00
Nancy Yocum $25.00
Bob Zaffram $50.00
Kim Zaffram $40.00
Team Gifts $4,345.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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