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What Time is The Event?
The event will begin at 11:00AM at Rings Fountain on The Rose Kennedy Greenway in the North End. We will be hosting a networking brunch at The Granary Tavern that will begin at 9:30AM. 

Do Participants Have to Wear a Mask?
Yes, a mask must be worn at all times during the event.

Will Participants Get information About a Covid-19 Safety Plan?
Yes. Each participant will receive, via email, the Covid-19 Safety Plan for this event.

How Do I Sign Up?
You can register here.  If your company is not yet registered, click create a new team. If you want to join your company's team, click join a team. Complete the regsitration form to sign up. Questions? Call our office at 781-255-8884 or email Laura @

Who Can Participate?
We are looking for companies from all sectors and universities to join us for this unique event. Once a company/university signs on, there are two types of participants for the CEO Soak:

1. The Soakee - This is the designated company executive who will stand in the fountain.

2. The Soakers - These are the employees who donate and raise money to see their "Soakee" get soaked in the fountain.

Fundraising Tips:
We are happy to help with any fundraising questions you might have. Send an email to or call 781-255-8884.

Fundraising Strategies

Whether your company already has a matching gift program in place, or you pledge a match for this event, matching gifts are one of the most motivating fundraising tools for the CEO Soak.

Using the sample email template, you can increase your impact on the ALS community by recruiting other companies and CEOs to join you in the fountain. With prospective soakees, we would be happy to join you in a meeting to discuss the event and the chapter.

Competition is key in peer-to-peer fundraising. Setting up challenges between departments, floors, or partners will increase fundraising dollars. Whether the competition is to see who gets soaked, who raises the most money, or who wins a prize, a challenge is always a great motivator.

Is There a Fundraising Minimum?
We encourage each participating company to support their employees in raising at least $2,500 for people living with ALS. We encourage all companies to set a high, yet attainable goal. Remember, you can always raise or lower your goal.

Can I Send Checks/Cash?
Yes. Any checks collected can be mailed to: The ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter, 685 Canton St., Suite 103, Norwood, MA 02062. Please write a check or money order for any cash. Include your name and company name with the check so it can be credited accordingly. All checks mailed will be entered onto your fundraising page.

Once I donate, Where Does My Money Go?
All donations to the CEO Soak go directly to helping those living with ALS in Massachusetts. Donations help The ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter provide free services to individuals living with ALS such as: healthcare consultations, educational programs, medical equipment loans, assistive technology loans, transportation, and financial support. For example, your donation could provide a power wheelchair free of charge to a local individual living with ALS through our loan closet equipment programs.

What Do I Wear?
We encourage CEO Soak participants to wear a suit on in the fountain, however this is optional. Please extend our apologies to your dry cleaner.  You must remain fully clothed while in the fountain.

Where Can I Change?
We will have access to restrooms at The Granary Tavern, but please bring your own towel to dry off.

Who Can Attend The CEO Soak?
We encourage you to bring your family, friends, and employees to the Ring Fountain to watch you get soaked! We will have local media outlets covering the event as well as an event photographer to document the day. We will do our best to post timely photos and videos on our social media accounts.