Rider Safety

Rules of the Road & Safety Tips

The Basics
The Ride to Defeat ALS occurs on a paved trail. There are numerous roads to cross that are clearly marked with a stop sign,

Please use extreme caution and obey all rules of the road.

Always wear a helmet. If you think you look silly in a helmet, don’t worry, there will be hundreds of others looking silly right there with you.

Please remember to call out "on your left" when passing another rider.



Safety Plan

Contacts in an Emergency
In case of an emergency dial 911.  If there’s some doubt, please dial 911. Minor issues that need basic first aid or requests for mechanical assistance can be called in to the numbers listed on emergency contact cards.

Safety on the Route
Designated "sweepers" will be riding along the trail.  They are trained in cycling safety and can provide pointers to participants. The ALS Association reserves the right to eject a participant from the event for flagrant safety violations.

Safety Team / SAG
Safety Team members who are trained in basic first-aid will be our last riders on the trail, the sweepers.  There will be EMS at every rest stop who will be within reach to cover the trail.

Rest Stops
Rest stops are located at Cataldo, Bull Run and Harrison Trailheads. We recommend stopping at each one. Each stop has someone dispensing food, energy snacks, water and/or sport drink.


Beginning and Advanced Cycling

The League of American Bicyclists has great tips for beginning and for more advanced riders. The advance section includes information on group riding.


Helmets are Required

Study Route Maps

  • Learn your course
  • View the Elevation Profile 
  • Print your Route Cue Sheet

Review Rider Safety

  • Learn to ride with a group
  • Faimiliarize yourself with the rules of the road
  • Make sure your helmet is ready

Start Training

  • Find a training plan
  • Get your bike tuned up
  • Ride! Ride! Ride!