2017 Ruritan National First Lady Linda's ALS Awareness

Dear Ruritan members & others,

Ruritan's purpose is to create a better understanding among people and through volunteer community service, make America's communities better places in which to live and work.  And we will accomplish this by supporting the fight against ALS in 2017!

Hertford, N.C.-born Jim “Catfish” Hunter is a baseball legend—five-time World Series champion, eight-time All-Star and member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. And by all accounts, the youngest son of eight children was an even better person than he was a baseball player.

Hunter, who pitched for the Kansas City and Oakland A’s and the New York Yankees during his career, was diagnosed with ALS in 1998 and died from complications of the disease a year later at the age of 53.

His legacy lives on through his family, friends and all who fight ALS in his honor. The North Carolina Chapter of The ALS Association was named in honor of Hunter from 2002-16 before joining all of the other 38 Chapters nationwide in being recognized by its geographical location. The Chapter helped found and continues to support the Jim “Catfish” Hunter ALS Clinic at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.

Jimmy’s wife, Helen, Is a tenacious supporter in the fight against ALS. Linda, Ruritan’s 2017 First Lady was a high school classmate of both Jimmy and Helen and asks all Ruritan members, clubs and districts to support her project of ALS Awareness and donate to The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter.

The symptoms of ALS over the course of the disease include muscle weakness, muscle twitching, inability to use arms and legs, difficulty speaking, shortness of breath, and difficulty swallowing, according to The ALS Association. Initial symptoms vary from person to person in addition to life expectancy and the progression of the condition, which is also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease.

The ALS Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with ALS while leading the fight to find a cure for the disease through research and public policy. The North Carolina Chapter helps nearly 800 people living with ALS and their families each year by supporting all of the ALS clinics throughout the state, loaning medical equipment at no cost to those who need it and providing financial assistance grants to pay for expenses such as home modifications and respite care.   Through directly funding research grants and securing increased financial support from the federal government, The ALS Association has helped generate $1 billion for ALS research.

Progress is being made in the fight against ALS, as Ruritans, we know we can move the needle even more.

PS- You can also print a donation form and mail your donation.

In Ruritan Service,

Danny Privott,
2017 Ruritan National President

Linda Privott,
2017 First Lady of Ruritan

If you do not want to donate online, you can download an offline donation form by clicking here.

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