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DC/MD/VA Chapter

Washington, DC Walk

Fuller Friends

We Are Wayne

We lost our fearless leader, Wayne Fuller, just about a year ago, in the days leading up to the 2016 DC Walk to Defeat ALS.  Wayne was a phenomenal person, a true force of nature in so many ways.  He was such a prolific spokesperson and fundraiser for the ALS Association that the DC Walk’s top team receives a trophy that bears his name.

So, this year, the Fuller Friends team is navigating through uncharted waters.  How do we replace Wayne’s creativity, spirit, and fundraising prowess?  Fortunately, the answer is – we don’t have to, thanks to Wayne himself.  Anyone who ever met Wayne and spent even just a few moments with him couldn’t help but be affected by him.  He left an indelible mark on each of us, and all of us will carry a piece of Wayne with us for the rest of our lives.

All of us who knew and loved Wayne are dealing with the fact that he lost his struggle with ALS after an amazingly courageous 11-year battle.  Wayne was our general, but we are the battalion that stands behind him, trained by him to be armed and ready to carry the fight forward.  And so we will, because we must win the war against ALS, on behalf of Wayne and the countless others who have been afflicted with this insidious disease.

Our goal this year is simple.  We want to remain atop the perch as the DC Walk’s top fundraising team.  We want to win the Wayne R. Fuller top fundraising team trophy yet again.  We want to do this for Wayne, for ourselves, and for the 700 other local patients living with ALS today who are praying for a cure before it’s too late.

Please help us honor Wayne by joining our team, walking with us on the National Mall on October 14th, and donating as generously as you can to the cause.  There was only one Wayne Fuller, and he was irreplaceable.  This year, the Fuller Friends team will do its best to fill his enormous void, and we remain optimistic, because, scary as this may sound to anyone who knew him, We Are Wayne!

Thank you for your support, and God bless.

Fuller Friends - Join Team Raised
Helping Hand Holly Olson $575.00
LEVEL 9 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Kimberley Fuller $10,549.19
Alex Abrahamson $0.00
Helping Hand Jamie Albright $100.00
Matt Andrukonis $0.00
Susan Armbruster $0.00
Helping Hand Andrew Bako $25.00
Helping Hand Michael Beale $250.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Shirley Beale $1,000.00
Helping Hand Kelsey Bentley $50.00
Laura Bolling $0.00
Helping Hand Donna Brunetti $100.00
Rick Brunetti $0.00
Helping Hand Anna Brunswick $50.00
Ryan Brunswick $0.00
Helping Hand Alex Burch $10.00
Eileen Butler $0.00
Helping Hand John Butler $100.00
Kate Buzzelli $0.00
Reed Carlstrom $0.00
Adelle Carter $0.00
Don Carter $0.00
Deb Caskey $0.00
Ellery Caskey $0.00
James Caskey $0.00
Jetta Caskey $0.00
Jim Caskey $0.00
John Caskey $0.00
Laura Caskey $0.00
Matthew Caskey $0.00
Melissa Caskey $0.00
Wendy Cater $0.00
S. Rebecca Chanin $0.00
Casey Costello $0.00
Brooke Daniel $0.00
Helping Hand Robert Daniel $100.00
Augustina DeLapp $0.00
Genevieve DeLapp $0.00
Jon DeLapp $0.00
Helping Hand Wendy DeLapp $100.00
Cannon Dolan $0.00
Emily Donovan $0.00
Ryan Donovan $0.00
Star Douglas $0.00
Meredith Dudzik $0.00
Elizabeth Dunwoody $0.00
Julia Dunwoody $0.00
Katherine Dunwoody $0.00
Matthew Dunwoody $0.00
William Dunwoody $0.00
Van Duong $0.00
Helping Hand Kevin Egan $250.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Brittany Fuller $350.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Frances Fuller $1,000.00
Jessica Fuller Huether $0.00
Wayne Big Dog Fuller $0.00
LEVEL 9 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Alan Gilbert $13,289.00
Cindy Gowans $0.00
Taylor Gowans $0.00
Tyler Gowans $0.00
Helping Hand Jake Graham $20.00
Joanne Gray $0.00
Tessa Harmony $0.00
Claudio Hart $0.00
Marijke Hart $0.00
Helping Hand Sam Hoehn $50.00
Jennifer Hogan $0.00
Linda Hollis $0.00
Stephen Huether $0.00
Emma Huttman $0.00
Lisa Huttman $0.00
Ryan Huttman $0.00
Helping Hand Jacquelyn Ivey $125.00
Tim Ivey $0.00
Helping Hand Meenal Jobalia $100.00
Helping Hand Linda Jordan $250.00
Bruce Klein $0.00
Helping Hand Doreen Klein $250.00
Alison Kosmacki $0.00
Helping Hand Mike Lewis $50.00
Penny Lewis $0.00
Helping Hand George Li $10.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Teresa Libera $1,000.00
Lauren Mathieu $0.00
Brieneke Matthes $0.00
Fred Matthes $0.00
Helping Hand Stella Matthes $125.00
Olivia Mattingky $0.00
Guy Mattingly $0.00
Matthew Mattingly $0.00
Callie McGee $0.00
Clark McGee $0.00
Felicia McGee $0.00
Lexi McGee $0.00
Genevieve Mcmanus $0.00
Helping Hand Tom Nisbet $250.00
Bill Olson $0.00
Boo Olson $0.00
Bud Olson $0.00
Darleen Olson $0.00
Helping Hand Nicolette Oppelt $100.00
Jordan Orellana $0.00
Lily Orellana $0.00
Madelyn Orellana $0.00
Melissa Orellana $0.00
Helping Hand Alexandra Orsini $50.00
Stephanie Passino $0.00
Helping Hand Melanie Payson $30.00
Helping Hand Cindy Piacentino $50.00
Cole Polhamus $100.00
Josie Polhamus $75.00
Tara Polhamus $0.00
William Polhamus $0.00
Helping Hand Jeff Pontell $20.00
Helping Hand Curt Presley $25.00
Helping Hand Diana Ramsey $25.00
Kasey Ramsey $0.00
Samantha Reeves $0.00
Brooke Reichel $0.00
Erin Ricketts $0.00
Allison Rowe $0.00
Jessica Rowe $0.00
Karen Rowe $0.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Sheila Rust $525.00
Helping Hand Jackie Saunders $100.00
Amelia Serban $0.00
Adam Shata $0.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Alexander Shogry $1,155.00
Helping Hand Rylee Shull $50.00
Dil Sia $0.00
James Stillwagen $0.00
Helping Hand Michael Stocks $25.00
Niki Strutzel $0.00
Helping Hand Jack Sullivan $20.00
Helping Hand Maura Teschner $75.00
Emily Thomas $0.00
Jaclyn Thomas $0.00
Laura Thomas $0.00
T D Toler $0.00
Helping Hand Ryan Turner $20.00
Helping Hand Jamie Van Houten $100.00
Helping Hand Rob Vaughn $100.00
LEVEL 4 FUNDRAISER Andrew Volkmann $1,925.00
LEVEL 5 FUNDRAISER Donna Volkmann $2,655.00
Karl Volkmann $0.00
Helping Hand Braden Voorhies $50.00
Michele Waggoner $0.00
Sarah Waggoner $25.00
Todd Waggoner $0.00
Zackery Waggoner $25.00
Mike Walker $0.00
Betty Walston $0.00
Bob Waters $0.00
Helping Hand Brendan Waters $250.00
Cece Waters $0.00
Jack Waters $0.00
Charlie Waugh $0.00
Jake Webb $0.00
John Webb $0.00
Robert Weston $0.00
Chris Wheeler $0.00
Emily Wiest $0.00
Kimberly Coble Wiest $0.00
Noah Wiest $0.00
Ron Wiest $0.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Glenn Wilson $1,000.00
Helping Hand Kevin Wilson $100.00
Helping Hand Becca Wisbar $50.00
Helping Hand William Wolff $50.00
Ethan Young $0.00
Riley Young $0.00
Tilly Young $0.00
Helping Hand Tori Zupan $250.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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