Coach Jeremy Williams Fund to benefit the ALS Association of Georgia

Ty Pennington presents the Williams Family with their new home

Ty Pennington presents the Williams Family with their new home

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Michelle Clery

In honor of the Baker Family, Garland, TX.

In honor of the Baker Family, Garland, TX.

In honor of the Baker Family, Garland, TX.

In honor of the Baker Family, Garland, TX.

In honor of the Baker Family, Garland, TX.

Ramona Garrett

In honor of the Baker Family, Garland, TX.

Ramona Garrett

In honor of the Baker Family, Garland, TX.

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Mission Statement

To lead the fight to cure and treat ALS through global, cutting-edge research, and to empower people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support.

Palm Harbor Homes, Inc. and its wholly-owned modular subsidiary, Nationwide Homes, Inc. joined ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and surprised Coach Jeremy Williams and his family with a new home. This exciting episode will air on ABC on Sunday, May 16.

This Tribute Fund has been set up in honor of Jeremy Williams to help find a cure for this disease.

Coach Williams was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, in June 2008. Despite his battle with this devastating disease, Coach Williams led Greenville High to the second round of the state playoffs and was featured in a series of articles in the "Atlanta Journal Constitution."

Williams first showed signs of ALS five years ago when he tore ligaments in his left thumb while breaking up a scuffle at football practice. As an athlete and coach, Williams had experienced all the usual nagging pains that come with the game, but this time, the pain wouldn't go away. During the next 18 months, he began feeling numbness in both arms from his fingertips to his elbows. He also noticed that the muscles in his forearms were deteriorating.

Williams was worried. He thought it could be ALS, but he wasn't quite sure. He went to three doctors and got three different opinions. Then, in June of 2008, a team of doctors at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University confirmed ALS, an incurable disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and eventually breathe.

"The prognosis is 'when' ... as nobody has ever been cured of ALS," Williams said. "It's a matter of time. Some die within two to three years, some in five to 10 years, and some in 20. Now, I will be cured one day with Jesus Christ, and I believe that."

BE SURE TO WATCH JEREMY'S INSPIRATIONAL STORY ON EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION! See the Williams' family receive a new home from Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes on Sunday, May 16, at 8/7 Central on ABC! Find out more on

Facts about ALS:

ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and eventually breathe

Currently, no one knows what causes ALS, and there is no cure

Life expectancy is typically 2-5 years from the time of diagnosis

Most are diagnosed between ages of 40 and 70

The ALS Association of Georgia

The ALS Association of Georgia works with ALS patients and their families to ensure the highest quality of life possible.

The progression of ALS varies significantly from one patient to another. No matter the patient's situation, the ALS Association of Georgia is available to provide vital services and reliable information.

The ALS Association of Georgia
1955 Cliff Valley Way #116
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: (404) 636-9909
Fax: (404) 636-9949

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santiago martinez
Mon, Dec 09, 2013
hi, my name is santigo martinez, iam 52 years old, retired military, work with the sheriff dpt fr 10 years. I was always in good shape and in good health. Until June of 2011 was diagnosed witn als, i had been havig probles or symptoms since dec 1, 2010 right nowhere my voice is gone,confined to a wheel chair. i would like to contact all of you guys to share situations dealing with this type of illness my phone numer is706 571 0147, thank you for my request.

laura richardson
Sat, Nov 13, 2010
i watched your video and it made me want to cry because i lost my grandpal to als last year the whole family stuck by his side everyday of it and its hard to see someone go through that i wish this disease wasnt around just stick together yall can get through this tough time.
i hope they find a cure for als soon.

Sheila Benge
Mon, Oct 11, 2010
Hi Jeremy, Jennifer and family. I learned of your battle with ALS on the Sept rerun of Extreme Home Makeovers. You guys have been a daily thought since that Sunday night. I have only known one other man who has carried this disease with such grace and dignity. My brother fought his battle until 2006.
You have touched many lives, including mine. Jennifer as the care giver, kudos!
Thank you guys for sharing your story and love to the rest of the world!

Stephanie C.
Sun, Sep 19, 2010
Dear Williams Family,
I watched your story on the makeover show and was very touched. I lost my father a little over four years ago to this horrible disease. My father was a very strong and hardworking man who supported a wife and four kids, one whom has severe cerebral palsy, for many years sometimes working more than one job. He loved his children and grandchildren and was a joy to be around. We lost him at the very young age of 54.
I had never heard of this disease when he was diagnosed. It was very hard to watch him slowly wither away and finally lose his battle when he caught pneumonia less than two years after his diagnosis.
God Bless you and your family and i continue to pray for a cure so no other family has to deal with this disease!

Tonna Jones
Sun, Sep 19, 2010
I just wanted to let everyone know that I commend each and everyone of you that have this disease, and the families that are having to deal with this tragic disease of their loved ones.. I am currently in nursing school here in Texas, and would love to find a cure for this disease as well as all of them...I watched extreme makeover home edition, and cried.....I would spend my whole lifetime finding a cure...You all our so deep in my heart and god bless everyone of you..

Roxanne Ostlund
Thu, May 20, 2010
We watched the makeover, cried all the way through, what inspiration! I also read in an article of joy over the blessings, but disappointment the faith based statements were cut, you wanted the nation to know - I'll work on that for you! Our family keeps you in our prayers throughout the day and night - I'm old with hot flashes, so I wake up quite a bit - many prayers for you then! God bless you!

Carol Kindt
Wed, May 19, 2010
My brother Barry was diagnosed with ALS in February. He has three young daughters, ages 9, 11 and 13 still at home, and is not able to work at all. The VA is paying his medical bills so far, but the family's house is in bad need of repair (new roof among other things) and will not accomodate a wheelchair. The Evergreen Chapter of ALSA has been wonderful and friends and family members are organizing fundraisers to help with the family's expenses.

Wed, May 19, 2010
God Bless you & your family, I can't imagine how difficult it is to live with this disease on a daily basis. A dear friend of mine was just recently diagnosed with this horrible disease and he like you, has stayed positive and embraces every moment that he has on this beautiful earth. None of us know when something devastating like this will happen to us or a loved one, so we should all treasure every day that we have.
Many continued blessings!!
Take care!

The Natole Family
Wed, May 19, 2010
Dear Williams Family, we were so touched by your story. My sister Peggy Wade lives in Harris County and has been updating us. We watched the show and I was just overwhelmed by the grace and courage shown by all of us. You live in a wonderful community. God Bless all of you.......much love and warm regards, Rich, Sue, Mickey and Mia Natole

greg willeby
Mon, May 17, 2010
god bless you jeremy and my prayers are with you i hope u get this my father had als lived for 22 years with this disease he was known as headveggie wayne willeby if yall have any questions or just need to talk call me 478 447 7598 im here for you and ur family and hope if yall ever need plz call im here for you and ur famuly look my father up he was given a computer that helped him stay connected to world he used it by clicking his eyebrow god bless and my prayers are with you

Debbie Wright
Mon, May 17, 2010
God Bless you and your family. My husband had Als and he built me a retirement home before you got too ill to work. I saw the show and it was great to see that you are an inspiration to your family and the community. My husband was a painter and a softball coach. He loved to coach and see the smile on the kids. god bless you and give yu strength each day.

Olivia West
Mon, May 17, 2010
Stay Strong and you are in my prayers. My father had ALS, the rarest form, Bulbar, that effects the core muscles first, first his speach, then wieght loss/muscle loss. Since the medical route leaves much to be desired as far as treatment, we took the herbal/natural route. This consist of seeing a faith healer, Soloman Wickey in Indiana, which encouraged my Dad to stay strong and he prolonged my Dad's life, the doctors where actually amazed since his form of ALS was very progressive. The natural diet included raw honey, milk, eggs and other non-pastuerized/organic foods.
Good luck, god bless.

Bill Lizzio, CustomSmart Homes, TN
Mon, May 17, 2010
Jeremy, Jennifer, Josie, and Jacob, may God continue to bless you richly as you continue your journey. It was an honor to help build your home. Thank you Jeremy for your personal testimony given at your church. I am sharing copies of the DVD Jennifer's folks sent me with everyone. You and your family are truly an inspiration! Thank you!

Carla from NC
Mon, May 17, 2010
I watched the tv show and was so inspired by your positive attitude in face of a most dire prognosis. I applaud your enthusiasm for life, for living for the moment, and your absolute commitment to each other. You reminded me of Christopher and Dana Reeves...Thank you for being such wonderful role models.

Lee and Kim Lovell
Mon, May 17, 2010
You and your family have touched our hearts. We will go before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and lift your name up. Our Lord is the creator of our bodies and He is the healer of our bodies. God has given you an amazing family and an amazing hope. God bless you. You and your wife are an inspiration to us all.

Dana Shields & Cindy Zehr
Sun, May 16, 2010
My Mother & I were so moved by the story of you and your family, Jeremy! My Grandfather, who is my Mothers Father, passed away in 1991 from the complications of ALS. He served our Country in WW2 and later retired from Butler Manufacturing, due to the complications of ALS. My Mother, Grandmother and Myself, were there for him from day one until his passing in 91'. We miss him greatly! Jeremy, we know what you and your family are going through. It can be hard at times, I know. You are a strong, positive and spiritual man, with a beautiful soul and family! You have inspired my family forever and you will forever be in our prayers!! We will ALWAYS be thinking of you and we will NEVER forget you!! God IS with YOU and your FAMILY! May the peace of The Lord be with you forever! God Bless you, Jeremy!!!

Adnan & Kanwal Raza
Sun, May 16, 2010
As we would say may Allah bless you and your family...your kind and brave soul is a testament to the dignity of the human spirit.

Mike from Ohio
Sun, May 16, 2010
Jeremy...from one coach to another, you know the great ones inspire on the field and off. You've obviously inspired many young men in your football program and you can rest assured that you have inspired me, my family and the the millions of others that were fortunate enough to watch this evening's Extreme Makeover:Home Edition show. Your strength, humility, devotion to family and service to others will serve as a lofty goal for everyone to strive for. Put another big W in the win column brother!

Regina Jones Irwin
Sun, May 16, 2010
My mom has ALS its a horrible dieases please help find a cure I love my mom so much but maybe we can fight it for someone else if we all stick together

Tammy Whitlow
Sat, May 15, 2010
Dear Jeremy,
I want to say "God Bless you."
and maybe give you some good info.
Dr. Don Colbert is a christian Dr.
In Florida, he has several books out in the bible gift stores.
I read an ariticle about a woman that had ALS and he began taking metals and things like that out of her body through nutrition, the disease disappeared. Please try to get in contact with him. He said he was not calling it a cure but it did stop her ALS. I write to you with a hopeful heart because my dad died with ALS in 1991, it was a new thing to us. Please pray about this and check into it.

Fri, May 14, 2010
I know what you are going through. My husband was diagnosed 4 years ago at the age of 42. He just lost his battle 3 months ago. He fought hard. This is such a horrible disease and it is so past time to find a cure for ALS.
God bless you and your family.

Lynn Phillips
Thu, May 13, 2010
Jeremy, God is certaintly using all of this in such a powerful way. I'm praying for you and your wonderful family!! Love you all.

Amber Harkins
Wed, May 12, 2010
Sending warm wishes to the Williams family in honor of my father Edward Huffmon who was also dealt the cruel card of ALS. God be with your family forever and always.

Tonya Ouellette
Fri, May 07, 2010
Thank you for all you are doing to support the ALS foundation. My Mother has been diagnosed with the terrible disease. It is just heart wrenching to see someone you love so dearly to be robbed of her body. Please continue to research this disease.

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