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Golden West Chapter

Hawaii Walk

808 ALS Vets


Thank you for helping us reach our fund raising goal! Together we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Our team is committed to raising money to support people in our community with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and spread awareness of the urgency to find treatment and a cure. Please consider joining our team in the Walk to Defeat ALS® or choose a team member from the list and donate to our cause.

Why We Walk

For the Fight... Living with ALS is truly a struggle. Your support of our walk and advocacy in our community keeps the fighting spirit alive and gives hope to those people and families living with ALS and ensures they are not forgotten.

For Awareness... In order to fight the fight, we need to spread awareness across a wide spectrum of audiences to include: our community; our health care providers; our health insurance companies; and our city, State, and federal government officials.

For Care Services... For many families living in Hawaii that have a family member with ALS, access to the right care services can be very challenging and very expensive. Through your support, we hope to expand care services for those living with ALS in Hawaii.  

Why We Need Your Help

Often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, ALS is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe. The life expectancy of an ALS patient averages 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

Every 90 minutes a person in this country is diagnosed with ALS, and every 90 minutes another person will lose their battle against this disease. ALS occurs throughout the world with no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic boundaries. This crippling disease can strike anyone. Presently there is no known cause of the disease yet it still costs loved ones an average of $200,000 a year to provide the care ALS patients need. 

The Military Connection

Scientists have yet to find a cause for why America's military veterans are approximately twice as likely to develop ALS than other segments of our population. Study after study continues to demonstrate this to be true: If you serve in the military, regardless of the branch of service, regardless of whether you served during a time of peace or a time of war, you are at a greater risk of dying from ALS than if you had not served in the military.

Each and every walker brings us one step closer to a cure. Help us make a difference and donate or join our walk today!


808 ALS Vets Raised
LEVEL 9 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Jeff Conway $20,000.00
AM $0.00
Jose Skywalker $0.00
Helping Hand Rooots215 $10.00
Jon Paul Akeo $50.00
Ashli Alcala-Romero $25.00
Helping Hand Leila Aliev $25.00
Ami Allan $0.00
Eric Allan $0.00
Kelli Aquino $0.00
Helping Hand Rudy Aquino $100.00
Helping Hand Eric Bethke $250.00
Morgan Bigelow $25.00
Darlyne Chinn $0.00
Glenn Cober $0.00
Helping Hand Bo Cockrell $50.00
Kristen Collat $0.00
Helping Hand Michael Collat $100.00
Helping Hand Aileen Conway $25.00
Sky Conway $100.00
Helping Hand Cheryl Cross $50.00
Helping Hand Michael Dredla $100.00
Helping Hand Albert Dreith $100.00
Helping Hand Ricardo Garcia $100.00
Lubi Gazov $0.00
Helping Hand Elaina Hall $100.00
Helping Hand Todd Hall $200.00
Helping Hand David Hampton $50.00
Jamie Hearther $100.00
Jessie Hearther $100.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Kellee Hearther $805.00
Helping Hand William Hearther $100.00
Helping Hand Dana Hester $100.00
Helping Hand Joan Hildebrandt $100.00
Shayla Hixson $50.00
Julie Hong $0.00
Angie Hughes $0.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Brian Hughes $1,020.00
Roxann Inouye $0.00
Tina Jordan $0.00
Min Kwak $0.00
Erin Lambert $0.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Sonia Lee-Gushi $365.00
LEVEL 4 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Robert Lietzke $2,307.82
Sherri Loo $0.00
Helping Hand Tony Lorenzo $100.00
Steven Louie $0.00
Irene Lui $0.00
Helping Hand Frances Lum $100.00
Helping Hand Ken Lum $100.00
Helping Hand Russell Lum $50.00
Helping Hand Mack Machado $100.00
Helping Hand Mike Mathes $100.00
Hayley Matson-Mathes $0.00
George Mayette $0.00
Heidi McBride $0.00
Kenneth McBride $0.00
Helping Hand Mark McCune $100.00
Helping Hand Po Menzel $100.00
Tony Mesa $0.00
Helping Hand Ron Misak $50.00
Andrew Muccio $0.00
Leah Muccio $50.00
Erin Mulligan $0.00
Ben Murata $0.00
Helping Hand Ann Nagel $100.00
Helping Hand Jeffrey Nowak $150.00
Helping Hand Dyana Ontai-Machado $100.00
Helping Hand Liane Paakaula $100.00
Helping Hand Colleen & Jeffrey Pallone $100.00
Jeannette Plowman $0.00
Helping Hand Michael Plowman $150.00
Helping Hand Paul Rodriguez $220.00
Helping Hand Aubrey Rupinta $100.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Karen Sentelik $300.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Walton Smith $1,275.00
Jane Staggs $0.00
Allison Symmonds $50.00
Robyn Tagavilla $50.00
Carolyn Tavolier $0.00
Helping Hand Michael & Carolyn Tavolier $100.00
Ian Tholen $0.00
K. C. Thomas $0.00
Michaela Watson $100.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Sybil Watson $620.00
Lisa Wilkinson $0.00
Robert Wilkinson $100.00
Douglas Wood $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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