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Whats ALS this then?

This disease hits close to home for our team and family, so we'll start with a big THANK YOU for any and all donations and/or for sharing this page (or even just reading it)! The money raised through the ALS Association in the past has led to a new medicine that may mean a hell of a lot for my dad, who was diagnosed just this last month with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

This event is to help raise awareness of this rare, and s***ty disease, and hopefully find more new treatments or ...a cure! Our team is open to anyone and everyone who wants to walk with us, or sponsor us!

If you are "lucky" enough to not have to know about this disease, still take a minute and do a quick Google search. While you're skimming through the cold, scientific wiki description of what this disease brings, try to imagine that it is your daddy, husband or son who will be bringing those symptoms to life.

Or, if you don't want to Google it, I'll sum it up for you... it sucks. It's a crappy disease with even crappier statistics, that has no rhyme or reason when choosing its victims. But the work the ALS Association is doing is slowly changing those statistics.

While they work towards treatments and cures however, this is also a really expensive disease to provide care for. Averaging around 200k a year. This association also provides help to families who struggle to afford that care.

Consider walking or sponsoring! And share this link if you feel so inclined (you should)!

You can use any one of the DONATE NOW buttons below; it all goes to our same fundraising team. Or you can be choosy about whose goal it counts towards, since we're a competitive bunch :)   

Whats ALS this then? - Join Team Raised
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Kinsey Browning $1,735.00
Helping Hand 4ACURENOW $50.00
Helping Hand Stephenson Botten $25.00
Brynn Browning $75.00
Ian Browning $100.00
Nora Browning $30.00
Helping Hand Cheryl Childs $25.00
Helping Hand Samantha Childs $25.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Holly Cicero $350.00
Steven Filleman $0.00
Helping Hand Catie Frech $460.00
Meagan Gallagher $200.00
Tyler Greenhouse $100.00
Kalikolehua Kellett-Forsyth $0.00
Helping Hand Margie Kelly $50.00
Mark Link $0.00
Helping Hand Sara Marstin $20.00
Helping Hand Danny Moore $85.00
William Moore $75.00
Helping Hand Pat Morris $100.00
Renee Nida $100.00
Danny Ramos Torres $25.00
Amir Sadeghi $0.00
Helping Hand Layla Somers $225.00
Philip Taylor $0.00
Nathan Thorpe $0.00
Miguel Torres $25.00
Benton Wentz $0.00
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