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This is going to be a different year for the Hope-Filled Walkers.  Two of our team members with ALS that were able to attend the 2016 walk have completed their work here on earth.  Jeff passed away on April 20 only 4 days after last year's walk. Rick Lawson passed away on March 4 of this year. It was so awesome to have them both at the walk last year and to get a great picture of the 2 of them with Darla and AJ.  We miss these wonderful men more than we can express, but we will continue to Walk to Defeat ALS in their honor, in honor of all of our friends that have passed away from ALS and for the way too many people that are still living with ALS.

Jeff and Rick as well as so many of our friends lived full, meaningful and joyful lives with ALS. And those of us that have cared for someone with ALS will continue to support the ALS Association in hopes that those currently living with ALS can also live full and joyful lives.

The Hope-Filled Walkers are just that. We are filled with hope from the services, equipment and support provided by ALSA. We are filled with hope for the research taking place to find causes, treatments and one day a cure for ALS. And we are filled with hope from the love and support of so many people that continue walk with us.

Please join us Saturday June 3 (Jeff's birthday) for the Walk to Defeat ALS at Harbor Park in Norfolk. Share your gifts of time (voluteer), talent (special strengths), and treasure (money) for either the ALS association or another topic close to your heart or the hearts of those that you love.

Hope Filled Walkers - Join Team Raised
LEVEL 8 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Aj Kelleher $8,080.00
Kelly Winslow $200.00
Helping Hand Mark Antley $100.00
Megan Antley $0.00
Helping Hand Tracey Antley $100.00
Helping Hand Anson Blevins $50.00
Hudson Borte $0.00
Charles Bowman $0.00
Helping Hand Peggy Braun $100.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Janet Brinkley $320.00
Helping Hand Robin Brinkley $100.00
Scott Brinkley $0.00
Helping Hand Theresa Dailey $250.00
Bill Dandridge $0.00
Helping Hand Elizabeth Dandridge $50.00
Erin Dandridge $0.00
Harris Dandridge $0.00
Helping Hand Jane Dobbins $0.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Debbie Doherty $1,000.00
Helping Hand Cory Duke $250.00
Ronald Durand $0.00
Thomas Elder $0.00
Janean Ferns $0.00
Helping Hand Kristin Gerlach $25.00
Helping Hand Peter Gerlach $25.00
Helping Hand Denise Huffstickler $100.00
Helping Hand Nora Johnson $250.00
Helping Hand Eleaner Leftwich $0.00
Helping Hand Gino Myers $100.00
Helping Hand Terri Myers $100.00
Helping Hand Diane Nolette $50.00
Elaine O'Donnell $0.00
LEVEL 6 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Gerald O'Donnell $3,500.00
Kathryn O'Donnell $250.00
Patrick O'Donnell $0.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Patricia O'Hare $500.00
Helping Hand James Pecsok $250.00
Laurie Jo Perriello $0.00
Helping Hand Jack Pettigrew $100.00
Rose Mary Reist $50.00
Kathryn Smith $0.00
Jim Thompson $0.00
Kathy Thompson $0.00
Helping Hand Kirsten Van Auken $20.00
Forrest Winslow $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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