2021 CEO Soak - Rhode Island


Amica Insurance CEO Soak

Amica Insurance is proud to participate in the inaugural CEO Soak, and will hold the event on Wednesday, July 28, at our corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

However, we don’t want to just soak CEO Bob DiMuccio – we also want to soak other members of senior leadership to amplify fundraising. Participating members from Senior Staff have been divided into teams (except for Bob – it’s only fitting that he is his own team since it is the CEO Soak). You can vote on the team you want to see get soaked, and votes are in the form of donations made via the Team Roster module on the right. The top three teams will get soaked.

The breakdown of the teams is as follows:

Team A:
Bob DiMuccio, Corporate Executive

Team B:
Ted Murphy, Corporate Executive
Sam Palmisano, Human Resources
Andy Mudra, Corporate Information Systems
Lynn Malloney, Actuarial

Team C:
Jill Andy, Human Resources
Sean Welch, Claims Executive
Tory Pachis, Marketing
John Reichley, Sales and Client Services

Team D:
Jen Morrison, Legal
Bill Fitzgerald, Sales and Client Services
Greg Calderiso, Corporate Information Systems
Scott Boyd, Human Resources
Roberta Gosselin, Accounting

Team E:
Jim Loring, Corporate Executive
Lisa DeCubellis, Corporate Executive
Shiela Companie, Life
Pete Drogan, Actuarial
Jeff Gagnon, Service Center Operations

Team F:
Pete Moreau, Corporate Information System
Dave Macedo, Accounting
Mike Petrarca, Actuarial
Shannon O’Brien, Claims Executive
Vince Burks, Corporate Communications

This is a great opportunity to have some fun and, more importantly, raise money for a very important cause. We have members of our own Amica Family who are unfortunately all too familiar with this disease.

Thank you for your donations!

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