2017 Florida Ride. Run. Roll to Defeat ALS

This is OUR fight, too.
This is OUR fight, too.

Blade Runners

              Welcome to our team page.


We are a dragon boat paddling team, dedicated to the sport of racing. All of the hundreds of teams across the Nation and the world make up our dragon boat community. We are family. One of our family members needs our help. We are committed to help in his fight to find a cure for ALS and to help him and thousands of other ALS victims receive the best possible chance at maintaining their independence. We unite and stand beside one of our paddlers and his family in their courageous battle as they face the extreme challenge of being a victim of ALS. For our 2nd year, our dragon boat family will be racing to help find a cure for our friend with ALS. We are fundraising for awareness for this devastating disease and we are hoping to count on the generosity of our Dragon community and all of our friends. We have never been impacted so greatly by such a horrible disease. We can’t do this alone. Please help in our fight.

Let us ride and run together, as a team, to help our ALS families cope with their diagnosis. You don’t have to be a paddler to be part of our Blade Runners team. Come out and socialize with us at the event.  Please help our team raise money so that we can help spread awareness and hopefully find a cure for ALS.

JOIN OUR TEAM IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS: You can join our team and run/walk. Simply click “join team” and register to run the 5 km.

You can join our team and bike. Click “Join team” on our team roster and register for either the 10, 25 or 62 mile distance. This ride appeals to every level of biker.

You can test your fitness and challenge yourself to both the run and an option of either the 10, 25 or 62 mile distance in the bike ride. This ride is a bike tour and social opportunity. There are rest stops, SAG vehicles, a safety team, and a big welcome party at the finish line.

You can make a donation by selecting one, two, or three of our team participant’s name and donating on their behalf. All the money donated will collectively support the team’s overall contribution in their fighting battle.

You can also volunteer and help out at the event on December 9, 2017.

We have always known that we must POWER UP to start off every race that we paddle in. Lets make a difference in the lives of those we love and cherish.

Paddles Up and Power Up! Lets continue this race to find a cure!

Margo Benning (Team Captain)

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