Greater Philadelphia Iced Tea Challenge

Pour Tea. Spread Hope.
Last summer, Rebecca Wetzel received the unsettling news that some members of her family carry a gene genetically linked to ALS. As a mother of two young daughters, and already having lost her grandfather and father to ALS, Rebecca was determined to take action.
When her daughters said they wanted to "help scientists make medicine for ALS" an idea was born: the Iced Tea Challenge. What an ideal way, Rebecca thought, to mobilize and engage the nation's youth in the fight against this devastating disease.
Thanks to Rebecca and her enterprising daughters, the first-ever Iced Tea Challenge is set to kick off on May 6th and continue until the end of the month. Download our simple Toolkit if you want to learn how the children in your life can participate in this extraordinary cause: https://secure2.convio.net/alsa/admin/AdminDocServer/Iced_Tea_Challenge_Toolkit.pdf/261104555?docID=134565&verID=1
Let's all raise a glass to the Iced Tea Challenge! Help the kids in your life set up a booth or give today.
Join us right now by selecting "Join as a Fundraiser" or choose "Donate to the Greater Philadelphia Iced Tea Challenge." If you join as a fundraiser, select Food-based Fundraiser as your registration option.
We need to do everything we can to find a treatment and a cure. Together, let's make a difference - one dollar at a time!


Greater Philadelphia Iced Tea Challenge Raised
Nichelle Hill $325.00
Heather Pecharo $5.00
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