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                                                                             ALS Down AMERICA Ride
              Hi my name is Grant Bergsma and like most everyone in the world I was touched by a terrible disease. Adam Visser was diagnosed with ALS. the next few years i was able to see how terrible the disease is. I am goin to be riding from Michigan to marco island florida starting in October 13 of this year. I will be filming the entire trip with cameras, and taking pictures updating my progress daily. The ride will be roughly 1,700 miles and should be a test of my strength and drive.

           I've always wanted to do something for people and now I have a chance to make a difference.

when you give it goes to support the needs that patients and families have that are currently being affected by this terrible disease. from getting them wheelchairs to helping with anyother exspenses they have and cant cover. then ofcourse resaerch to find a cure.

We hope we can count on your support.  We need caring people like you to sponsor me on this ride.

     Also, please bookmark this page if you're interested in keeping track of our progress as we approach the November 30 fundraising deadline.  We encourage you to browse the rest of this website so you can learn more about Grants Ride Across the Country.

 Contributions from our sponsors will:

  • Fund...
  • Help support...
  • Raise awareness...

If you do not want to donate online, you can download an offline donation form by clicking here.

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