ALN Holi Color Run

Color Run Event Description:

Asian Leadership Network (ALN) presents Holi Color Run event as a part of Asian Heritage Carnival 2017 – World without Borders!

Holi Color Run is an annual event organized by ALN, NJ to further our goals of employee engagement and to celebrate Asian American Heritage Month of May. The Asian Heritage Carnival's proceedings will reach its culmination with the highly popular Holi Color Run, mimicking the Holi festival in India where folks gather in the streets, rejoicing with color powder. The mood will be upbeat and energized with color filling the air to kick off the 5K Run and 3K Walk.

Spotlight Story:

Anita Asri, an ex-Merrill Employee and Technologist has left a lasting impression on her colleagues as one of the most dynamic, positive and inspiring personalities. She strongly believed in team spirit and always recognized and celebrated each milestone of her coworkers. When others came to know about her situation that she was suffering from ALS, they did not know how adverse her condition was until it deprived Anita of every mobility that she possibly had. This certainly brought her ‘mobile’ life to a grinding halt, although her brain remains as intelligent, inquisitive and sharp as ever! Regardless of being a victim of such a debilitating disease, her self-determination, strong will power and positive attitude she carries towards life continues to inspire her family and friends. Her ever-caring and inviting nature still continues to bring her friends and family together throughout the various seasons and ceremonies!

In this era where medical advancements have been taking place every day, it is sad to know that we still do not have any cure or remedy for this disease. Unlike other ailments, ALS is relatively unknown with limited research and support from drug companies.

This Color Run conducted by ALN is to recognize and support all those people suffering from this disease. All the money contributed from this event would be donated to ALS association which is supporting people suffering from this ailment. This Association leads the way in research, care services, public education, and public policy  giving help and hope to those facing the disease.

To recognize Anita's team spirit, bring awareness about this dreadful disease and seek focus on initiative towards a cure for ALS, please consider volunteering to participate in the Holi Color Run. You can volunteer to help with logistics or you can volunteer to run. Come join us for the fun and colorful run while supporting ALS.


ALN Color Run Winners list:

Top 2 Males:

Ø  1st: Bib #182 Joseph Nienaber, Time 00:18:07

Ø  2nd: Bib #105 Michael Franscisco, Time 00:19:59


Top 2 Females:


Ø  1st: Bib #112 Indira Pabbathi, Time 00:23:13

Ø  2nd: Bib #143 Lauren Buckworth, Time 00:26:07


Best Costume Male: Siddhartha Sinha

Best Costume Female: Keosha Walters


ALN Holi Color Run - Join Team Raised
ALN 5K RUN $2,180.00
ALN 3K WALK $1,610.00
Christine Abbey
Daniel Akowitz
Abhijith Badarinath
Melissa Bivona
Bharat Bobba
Praveen Bothra
Matt Bradley
Dawn Capozzi
Saiswetha Chunduri
Shannon Cozzo
Matthew Cusack
Mathi D
Jaiprakash Dewangan
Moe Elhindi
Rebecca Englehart
Michael Francisco
Michael Gifford
Matt Greiner
Pallavi Gupta
Suren Jain
April Johannes
Snigdha Kanala
Adam Keele
Kunal Kumar
Stacy Launer
Brandon Lee
Sam Liberman
Chris Meditz
Hiteshkumar Naganathan
Venkatarajesh Panuganti
Kailasanath Parameswaran
Sandeep Patil
Alexis Pluscauski
Anna Rodov
Craig Rudisill
Trisha Saxena
Robert Seither
Mallesh Singathi
Rajesh Soni
Stephen Stacy
Scott Talley
Dinesh Thammineni
Venkatesan Thirunarayanan
Eric Tropea
Deepthi Vasanthapuram
Georgia Virtudazo
Kelly West
Team Gifts $155.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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