Rex Williams
Remembrance Fund

“ALS is not a pretty disease, but much can and is being done to make it less oppressive. I am convinced that, as with many diseases, one day a cure will be found for ALS. Your help is vital to that becoming a reality”
- Rex Williams

As many of you know, Rex surrendered to this horrible disease on November 6, 2012 with grace and courage. Since his diagnosis in early 2009, Rex’s firm faith and relationship with Jesus Chris touched many lives. His life testimony revealed that where there is doubt, have faith; where there is despair, have hope; where there is darkness, see the light and where there is sadness, embrace joy.

With the purpose of his life revealed, Rex began to passionately advocate for increased awareness and fundraising necessary to support patient care and research. Not long ago, Rex received a motivational quote from a good friend, which he took to heart and tried to embody, “I will persist without exception!” The passion to serve others, his integrity, courageous smile, and wonderful sense of humor will continue to inspire us to continue the fight against ALS in his loving memory.

The Rex Williams Remembrance Fund page is a site devoted to keeping the legacy and passion alive in the fight against this horrible disease. Rex’s character and integrity were the foundation of his body of work, his passion to serve, and his ability to empower those around him. These gifts are his living legacy. It is why we would like to keep his memory alive by supporting the mission of The ALS Association Jim “Catfish” Hunter Chapter.

The Jim “Catfish” Hunter Chapter of The ALS Association provided Rex, our family, and friends the support and programs that were crucial in our ALS journey. The ALS Association is the world leader in ALS research, care services, and advocacy. The Chapter funds four disciplinary ALS clinics, support groups, loan equipment program, and a financial grant program throughout North Carolina. These services were a lifeline for our family.

“Love lives on in the little things you share, in the moments you’ll always treasure, in the smiles you can never forget.” There are few words to express the gratitude for the love, friendship and support you have given to Rex and our family. You have been there supporting our family in various ways and have become advocates standing with us in the fight against ALS. We thank you as we continue to raise money and awareness in Rex’s memory, so that one day a cure will be found.

With Love and Appreciation,
Bonnie, Taylor, Greyson, and Philip

Photos - Rex and Family
Rex and family

Remembering Rex

Spoken remembrance coming soon.