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To Your Door: Getting Groceries Delivered

By Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN

Groceries July 2013.jpgEvery busy family dreams of finding a way to avoid having to go grocery shopping, week after week. But especially for those with ALS and their busy caregivers, getting to the store regularly can be a big challenge.

Over the last decade, the range of options for home grocery delivery has increased, covering more geographic areas and allowing people to order fresh food, pantry supplies, drugs and sundries, some even with same-day delivery.

Most accept online orders, and some provide additional services, like a “shop by history” system that allows you to quickly check off items and brands you typically choose. Many offer discounts if you order regularly, and others provide delivery free if you spend a certain amount on the order.

You can scope out whether the company stocks and delivers the products you like and find out what the turnaround time will be between ordering and receiving your groceries. If you’re ordering cold or frozen foods, learn whether they’d like you to put a cooler at your front door in case you’re away or can’t come to the door when the groceries are delivered.

Here are six options to consider:




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