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The Importance of Independence-Inspiring Power Chair Technology

Power chairs have been primarily thought of as pieces of durable medical equipment. After all, their purpose is to address medical needs. However, for those among us living with ALS and other medical conditions, we know that our lives aren’t just about a diagnosis, but about family, community and more.

Power chair manufacturers like Quantum Rehab are addressing the entirety of a person’s life with innovations in power chairs. Rather than only addressing medical needs, “whole-life” needs are being addressed through power chair technology that’s independence-inspiring and enhances quality of life.

Seat elevation technology, such as Quantum’s exclusive iLevel that elevates 12” and stabilizes the power base for fully mobile use, is a fantastic tool in the home for tasks ranging from safer transfers to performing activities of daily living like cooking. It also addresses community use and social inclusion. iLevel, for example, puts most users at 5’6” when fully elevated. This means eye-to-eye contact in social situations and the ability to function in environments designed around standing height. In this way, iLevel not only has medical benefits, but whole-life benefits, inspiring independence and enhancing quality of life.

Companies like Quantum Rehab are striving not to overlook any aspect. iLevel on the Q6 Edge 2.0 and Q6 Edge Z also includes standard lighting. Nighttime power chair navigation can be difficult both in seeing and being seen so it makes sense that a power chair should feature lighting. From a medical perspective, lighting isn’t diagnosis-driven; from a whole life perspective, lighting makes complete sense.

A power chair shouldn’t simply meet medical necessity, but also be confidence-inspiring. A power chair should serve medical needs, but also quality-of-life needs.

For those among us using power chairs, let us take an equally progressive view, where based on the latest “whole-life” innovative technologies like iLevel, power chairs are true tools of our independence, social inclusion, and liberation.

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