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Happy Thanksgiving!

During this holiday season, The ALS Association gratefully acknowledges the outpouring of support received throughout the year from people worldwide. During this celebratory time of year, we especially want to thank our growing community for raising awareness and supporting the fight against ALS.


Ask an ALS Expert:
Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression in people with ALS and their caregivers is complex when it comes to an accurate diagnosis. So explains dedicated and knowing social worker Stacey Asnani, MSW, LCSW, who is also the Clinical Coordinator at the Duke ALS Clinic, a Certified Treatment Center of Excellence, in Durham, N.C.


Upcoming Webinars

Connect with nationally recognized ALS experts and get answers to common questions. Learn about the latest in ALS research.

Discover the Advantages of Health Care in Your Own Home
Join our webinar presented by Bayada Home Health Professionals to learn more about “Professional Home Health Care Benefits” on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 11:00amPT/2:00 PM ET.

Northeast Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (NEALS) Consortium
Experts explain the scientific rational and design of current ALS research. These webinars offer participants the opportunity to have the experts running clinical trials directly answer their questions.

Tuning into Genes through Research
On November 12, 2014, John Landers, Ph.D. and professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, offered an examination of his findings on an ALS-associated gene identified through “Exome-Wide Rare Variant Analysis”.


In the News: “National Family Caregivers” Month

The balancing act known as caregiving: social outlets and self-care are important for those providing tenderness and comfort to others.


Profile of a Person with ALS:
A Battalion’s-worth of Care

For the first two to three hours of every early morning Lorraine Salinas is the primary caregiver for her “warrior” with ALS. The fighter and hero she refers to is her beloved husband, Peter Salinas, a retired U.S. Marine who’s lived with ALS for 22 years.

A Lift When You Need It Most

Caregiving for someone with ALS is an act of love, and sometimes an act of muscle. That’s where a “patient lift” - of which there are many types - may be a life and back-saving device.


Weighing in on Good-Tasting Food That’s Also Nutritious!

For people with ALS and their caregivers, there’s helpful news from research results regarding the importance of appetizing and nutritionally dense foods.

Clinical Trials and Experimental Therapies, a Very Personal Choice

Coping with ALS sometimes means people living with the illness and their loved ones consider “alternative” or experimental treatments as potential measures to slow disease progress.


Smart Holiday Travel: 
Get through Airport Security with these Tips (PDF)

Take Protective Steps to Ward Off Flu This Season


Looking for help?

The ALS Association's nation-wide network of chapters and clinical partners provide localized support in communities across the country.

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