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The ALS Association

Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease

June 2014

The ALS Association Welcomes
New President and CeO


Dear Member,


As this is my first week on the job as President and CEO of The ALS Association, let me take this opportunity to share my excitement about joining an association with such a worthy mission.  Having been involved with organizations fighting arthritis, autism, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, I truly recognize the impact on the people with the disease, as well as their families and friends.


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The many recent discoveries make this an especially exciting time to join you in the quest to find effective treatments and a cure for this devastating disease.  With our global research program, nationwide care service network, and achievements in public policy and awareness, we are positioned to play a major leadership role.

I look forward to getting to know each of you over the next weeks and months, and together, we can move toward our vision of creating a world without ALS.

Barbara NewhouseVery best regards,

Barbara Newhouse signature


Barbara Newhouse
President & CEO

Featured Stories
Leadership Transition and a fond farewell

Jane GilbertThe ALS Association wishes Jane H. Gilbert a fond farewell after nearly five years of service to the organization. Having announced her retirement last year, Jane will be available through the end of June. During this time, she will be traveling on association business and working to ensure a seamless transition in leadership. According to Jane: “This has been a job for which I’ve been paid – but my time at The ALS Association has truly been my passion and a labor of love. In my retirement, I plan on transitioning from staff person to volunteer, helping to raise money to support the work of The Association and to further strengthen its impact among people with ALS, their families and friends.”

Emergency Preparedness for People with ALS


Emergencies and disasters can strike quickly and without warning, forcing people to leave or be confined in their home. For the thousands of Americans with ALS, emergencies such as fires, floods and acts of nature present a real challenge. It is important that people with ALS and their family members make plans to protect themselves in the event of a disaster. This needs to be addressed not only at home, but also when away from home, such as at work or on vacation. 
Advocacy & Public Policy
Join The ALS Association at the Ballpark!
During the 2014 baseball season, The ALS Association and Minor League Baseball™ are partnering to launch an awareness campaign to strikeout Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The Strikeout Lou Gehrig’s Disease campaign is designed to raise awareness of ALS and the National ALS Registry during Minor League Baseball™ games across the country.  The campaign includes a variety of game day activities focused on ALS and also brings attention to the largest ALS research program, the National ALS Registry.  Come out to the ballpark this season to watch your favorite team and support the fight against ALS!
Research Updates
Moving Forward on Biomarker Development
Two dozen researchers from academia, government, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry met recently to discuss how to push forward with development of biomarkers in order to speed ALS clinical trials. The one-day meeting ended with new commitments to improve infrastructure and standardize collection of biospecimens, and new appreciation of how far the field has come, yet much remains to be done to develop robust markers for ALS.  Read the full article.
New ALS Research at the American Academy of Neurology

Important advances in ALS were featured at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), held in April. Click here to read highlights.

Upcoming Webinars
Care Services Webinar
Topic: Adaptive Vehicles in ALS
Date: June 23, 2014
Time: 2 p.m. ET
Session number: 827 346 752
Session password: 2014ATJune
Research Update Webinar
Speaker: Michael Benatar, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Miami
Date: June 30, 2014
Time: 4 p.m. ET
What You Can Do To Help
Insuring the Future - Donate Your Life Insurance Policy


Many of us have life insurance policies that have long since served their purpose. Perhaps you purchased a policy to make sure your children’s tuition needs were accounted for. But now the kids are on their own and doing well. Or, perhaps you have a policy your parents purchased for you years ago. Insurance policies that have outlasted their original purpose can make a wonderful gift to support the work of The ALS Association.


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