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The ALS Association

Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease

March 2014

Walk to Defeat ALS® Season Begins!


Dear Member,


The 2014 Walk to Defeat ALS® season has arrived. As you may know, Walk events provide an opportunity to raise awareness about ALS and support our mission.

The Walk brings hope to those living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and a chance for individuals with the disease and their families and friends to spend a day with others in the ALS community. People participate in the Walk to honor or remember a loved one with the disease, to show their support for the cause, or to walk as a member of a corporate team.


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This year, we are proud to include Pride Mobility Products Corporation, Quantum Rehab, NuMotion, Permobil and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as members of our Premier National Teams.

Approximately 175,000 people participated in Walks nationwide to support The ALS Association in 2013. Last year’s Walk events raised $23.5 million in support of care services, ALS research and public policy efforts at the federal, state and local levels.

Thank for all you do in the fight against Lou Gehrig's Disease. We look forward to another successful Walk to Defeat ALS season with you and your loved ones.

Jane H. Gilbert
President & CEO
Featured Story
Maintaining Adequate Nutrition: A Continuing Challenge in ALS


March is National Nutrition Month, and people across the country are pausing to consider the impact of nutrition on their quality of life. For people with ALS, proper nutrition is important in maintaining weight and prolonging life.
Advocacy & Public Policy
What's New At Advocacy Day This Year?
Do you want to learn more about an exciting and new program added to this year’s Public Policy Conference? The ALSA Expo provides attendees with a variety of new opportunities to interact with each other and learn about a wide range of different ALS topics and technologies—all in one place!
Research Updates
ALS Researchers Discover Unprecedented
Details of Gene Mutation’s Effects
In work supported by The ALS Association and published in the science journal Nature, researchers have discovered significant new details of the pathological effects of the most common ALS gene, C9orf72. Researcher Jiou Wang, Ph.D., of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., led the study. Dr. Wang and his colleagues focused on mutations in the gene, which account for up to 40 percent of familial ALS and 6 percent of sporadic ALS. The mutation is an expansion of a six-nucleotide GGGGCC section of the gene (a hexanucleotide repeat expansion, or HRE). The normal gene contains as few as two of these GGGGCC units, and the mutated gene may contain hundreds to thousands. Nucleotides function as the building blocks for both DNA, which makes up genes, and RNA, which carries genetic messages used to make proteins. Read the full article.
Researchers Discover Cell-to-Cell Spread of
Misfolded ALS Protein in Cell Model
In a study published in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences, researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada have found a potential new mechanism for the spread of ALS disease pathology in cell models. The results may point to possible new therapeutic strategies. Mutations in the gene for superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) are a cause of about 20 percent of familial or inherited ALS. Misfolded mutant SOD1 protein is believed to contribute to the disease process in those carrying the mutation, yet the role of misfolded non-mutant protein in the disease is unclear. Click here for more details.
Upcoming Webinars
Care Services Webinar
Topic: Nutrition in ALS
Date: Monday, March 17, 2014
Time: 2 p.m. ET
Session number: 823 972 215
Session password: ATCmar2014
Research Update Webinar
Topic: Telemedicine in ALS
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Time: 4 p.m. ET
Session number: 824 390 592
Session password: Chicago1
What You Can Do To Help
Retire with Meaning - Help Your Kids & Fight ALS, Too


Since you first started working, you’ve been regularly reminded of the importance of saving for retirement. Without proper planning, retirement assets may be subject to both estate and income taxes at your death.


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