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Driving Challenges with ALS
Making decisions about driving requires careful consideration and evaluation. Read more.

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Letter from the President

Permobil, the world’s leading manufacturer of power wheelchairs, has joined forces with The ALS Association as a Premiere-Level Partner to offer support and enhance the quality of life for people impacted by Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

“Our ongoing support of The ALS Association is unfaltering, as is their fight to find a cure for this devastating disease,” said Larry Jackson, President of Permobil, Inc. “We encourage others to get involved in this great cause as well and to participate in a Walk in their local area.”

permobilThrough this partnership, Permobil will continue their sponsorship of the Walk to Defeat ALS®. Since 2006, Permobil has been a National Walk partner. Permobil will also support The Association on multiple levels, including the donation of seat elevators. These elevators enable people with ALS to live more independent lives, reaching countertops and shelves. Seat elevators also provide assistance with transfers for those with the disease and/or their caregivers.

“This year we will focus our sponsorship efforts more directly to local chapters at the same time working with corporate offices for sponsorship of national events,” said Barry Steelman, Marketing Manager at Permobil.

Read more about Permobil's commitment to those fighting ALS and their unwavering efforts to help find a cure.


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Jane H. Gilbert
President & CEO


TOTO Joins the Fight Against Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Internationally renowned artists, TOTO, has joined with The ALS Association to bolster public awareness about ALS during the band’s 2013 North American tour. In addition, the band members have initiated “Team TOTO,” a nationwide effort to support the Walk to Defeat ALS®, The Association’s largest national signature event.

Members of the band have become involved with the cause in honor of TOTO’s bassist Michael Porcaro, who stopped touring with the Grammy-Award winning band in 2007 due to growing numbness in his fingers. He was later diagnosed with ALS. Learn more about how you can join TOTO’s efforts!

The ALS Association Kicks Off the
Fall Walk to Defeat ALS® Season

WalkThe ALS Association invites members of the ALS community and the general public to put their shoes on the ground and participate in upcoming Walk to Defeat ALS events across the U.S. taking place now through November. This year, 170 Walks are scheduled to be held throughout the country. New this year is the ability to fundraise for your Walk through our new mobile app, which is available for both the iPhone and Android.

CNN Airs Three-Part Series Focusing on ALS

CNNCNN anchor, Suzanne Malveaux, shared her personal connection to ALS in a three-part series which the news network recently aired. Please click here to watch part one of this series and read more about Suzanne's story.

Research Updates

New Study Shows Complex Role of Immune System in ALS

In a study supported by The ALS Association, researchers have identified the molecular signature of immune cells involved in the ALS disease process and used it to better understand the disease-related role of these cells, which surround dying motor neurons.

In the study, which was published in the journal Cell Reports, researchers studied microglia, a type of immune cell found in the central nervous system (CNS). They identified 29 genes that distinguish microglia from other cells in the CNS. Using these as cell-specific markers, they were able to study the proliferation and movements of microglia during the ALS disease process in ALS mice in unprecedented detail. Read full story.

How You Can Help

Insuring the Future - Donate Your Life Insurance Policy to Fight ALS

Many of us have life insurance policies that have long since served their purpose. Perhaps you purchased a policy to make sure your children’s tuition needs were accounted for. But now the kids are on their own and doing well. Or, perhaps you have a policy your parents purchased for you years ago. Insurance policies that have outlasted their original purpose can make a wonderful gift to support the work of The ALS Association.

An easy way to make a gift of life insurance is to request a change of beneficiary form from your life insurance company and make us a full, partial or contingent beneficiary. A gift of life insurance in this way allows you the flexibility to change your mind at any time should circumstances - whatever they may be - dictate such a change and potentially reduce your estate tax.

A gift of life insurance to our chapter will not only help us continue the fight against ALS, but also your life will be remembered with fondness and gratitude. There are other options for making a gift of life insurance. Contact our office to discuss the option that’s best for you.


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