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Can you believe it’s been eight months since the #ALSIceBucketChallenge?! We are forever grateful for each and every person who joined our cause last summer and for the loyal supporters who have been with us for years. Because of you, our ALS community has renewed determination and hope in leading the fight against this disease.

People all over the world donated more than $220 million to ALS charities, with an incredible $115 million contributed to The ALS Association during the Ice Bucket Challenge.

So, how is this money making a difference?

Check out this infographic  that shows how your support accelerates the discovery of effective treatments for ALS!

Challenge ALS - Ice Bucket Impact


But our work is not over.

It can cost $2 billion and take 15 years to develop one new drug. That’s why we are relying on you to help keep the momentum – and progress – pushing forward.

May is ALS Awareness Month! We’ll be back in touch soon to ask you to continue to lead the fight – to challenge ALS – in your community this spring and all year long.

Together, we CAN make a difference in the quest to treat and cure ALS.

Thank you!

Calaneet Balas
President and CEO
The ALS Association

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